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Chelsea Clinton Makes Request of Trump: 'It's Never Too Late'Chelsea Clinton appeared Thursday on The View , and she took the opportunity to make a request of Donald Trump while she was there. Speaking about the COVID vaccine and the apparent reluctance of white Republican men to get it, the former first daughter suggested the former president release photos of...
Newser11 hours ago
Fauci to Jordan: 'You're Ranting Again'With voices raised, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Republican Rep. Jim Jordan clashed over personal liberties and pandemics during a hearing Thursday. The heated exchange, over several rounds of questioning, went on until Jordan ran out of his allotted time and Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters told the congressman to "shut your...
Newser1 day ago
Pfizer CEO: People Will Likely Need 3rd Shot in a YearThey're called "breakthrough cases," and they're breakthroughs of the unwanted variety. The term refers to people diagnosed with COVID after being fully vaccinated. The CDC has reported its first such count, coming up with 5,800 cases, reports CNN . But maybe the more important stat to keep in mind is...
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First Country Permanently Halts Use of AZ VaccineAnother setback for the troubled European Union COVID vaccination campaign: Denmark has become the first country to permanently stop using the AstraZeneca vaccine because of a link to rare cases of blood clots , reports Reuters . Danish Health Authority director Soren Brostroem said Wednesday there there is a "real risk of...
Newser2 days ago
Late Night Takes Shots at J&JOn Tuesday, the FDA and CDC recommended a "pause" of the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine amid reports of rare blood clotting. Six women between the ages of 18 and 48 developed clots within a few weeks after receiving the J&J dose, out of nearly 7 million doses administered. The...
Newser2 days ago
Study Finds Good News on UK VariantThe B117 coronavirus variant first detected in the UK—now the most common strain in the US —has been tentatively associated with high transmissibility, more severe illness, and a greater risk of death. But a new study appears to contradict some of those findings. Published Monday in Lancet Infectious Diseases...
Newser3 days ago
France suspends all Brazil flights due to virus variantsFrance has suspended all flights between Brazil and France amid concerns over coronavirus variants
The Associated Press3 days ago
South Africa halts J&J vaccine jabs; Europe rollout delayedSouth Africa has suspended giving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as a “precautionary measure” following the FDA decision in the United States to pause the use of the vaccine while very rare blood clot cases are examined
The Associated Press3 days ago
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