For $10 Million, You Get the Artist for 10 YearsApril 13, 2021 9:00pm

An artist in Los Angeles has been locked in a shed all year. If he gets enough money, he’ll stay there for 10 years. Tim C. Inzana started out 2021 by locking himself in a shed on his family’s property.

He’s livestreaming himself round the clock on Twitch for a growing audience, and for now it’s free. He says he wants to sell himself as a piece of wall art.

Buyers would get a custom frame, made by him, showing his life--eating, meditating, working, dancing—nonstop for 5 years. Inzana would sell 20 of the five-year plan frames for $5 million.

If a patron ponies up $10 million, he’ll stay in his shed for 10 years. There’s a budget plan, too. If his Twitch stream maintains 7,000 subscribers at $4.99 per month each, he’ll stay in the shed, Insider reports.

Inzana, 34, spent months preparing the shed, and has the support of his fiancee, who brings him groceries. The art project is rooted in the concept of packaging life for display.

He wants to use the tool of livestreaming but do "basically the opposite of what has happened, where we pick and choose these moments from our lives and create a narrative." His shed has a bed, kitchen, and bathroom.

While he’ll have regular Q&A sessions—8-10pm PT—he’ll be muted sometimes, too. And he’ll figure it out as he goes along. He says, "I don't know exactly what I'm doing, to be honest," per Ladbible.

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